Shade Flyff V19 » Full Guild War Server

Time09:46:02 AM

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Guild WinnerHandOverFist


EXP Rate70x

Drop Rate50x

Penya Rate50x

New Update

*maximum speed 200*
*Remantis Laccotte are no cold down*
*Remantis Laccotte MP are ading in NPC*
*Nepthys Weapon are now 100k Shade Flyff Chip*
*New War shield adding in NPC shade NonDonor*
*New Accessory Set Strange Hunter's Set Box ading in NPC*
*Cracksshooter are now Balance*
*New Many Emotion *

Publish date: 09.23.2016, 03:44 Time

Server is Up

Publish date: 10.06.2016, 00:00 Time

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